Metropolitan Cannon is part of MMI Group Limited, an authorized financial services provider.

Privacy Policy

Metropolitan Cannon is a division of MMI Group Ltd. MMI Group Ltd is a registered long term insurer and authorised financial services provider. This Privacy Policy applies only to Metropolitan Cannon.

Metropolitan Cannon values you as a customer and we are committed to protecting your personal information. We always try to treat your personal information responsibly. We have created this Privacy Policy to explain to you how we protect your personal information.

Collecting Information

We collect your personal information so that we can offer your our products and services. The information we collect may include, not only the information that you give us, but also information from consumer reporting agencies such as credit bureau's and other insurance companies. The purpose of collecting this information is for Metropolitan Cannon to be able to offer you a product or service that is suitable and affordable for you and to be able to provide you with the benefits of an insurance policy that you own. We may also need to collect medical information about you in order to offer you a product or service.

Using Information

The information we collect is used to provide you with our goods and services, including providing the benefits of insurance products. We retain your personal information after our relationship with you has ended as a requirement of law. We may retain your information after we are no longer legally obliged to do so for use in statistical analysis. We may share your information with other life insurance companies to assist in combatting insurance fraud and over-insurance.

We may share your information with other companies within the MMI group of companies but we will not share your information with anyone outside of the MMI group of companies unless compelled to do so by law.

Protecting your information

Metropolitan Cannon protects your personal information with a variety of physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. Our employees have access to your personal information only if they have a business reason to access that personal information.

Accessing your information

You are entitled to know what personal information of yours Metropolitan Cannon has in its possession. You can request Metropolitan Cannon to tell you what personal information it holds. You are also entitled to request Metropolitan Cannon to correct any information which is incorrect. Metropolitan Cannon may refuse to correct information in which case Metropolitan Cannon will record, with your personal information, their reason for refusing to correct the information. Metropolitan Cannon may charge a fee to provide you with information.

Internet Privacy

Metropolitan Cannon is just as committed to protecting your privacy on the internet as with every other service or product.

While you are using our website we may collect information on the pages you have visited, any information you input, the time of your visit and other information. The purpose of collecting this information is to help us improve our website to enhance your experience.

Transmitting information or sending e-mail messages via the Internet is never completely secure. They may be intercepted, collected, used or disclosed by others. Metropolitan Cannon is not responsible for the security of any confidential communication you send to us via the Internet.